LEVENDIG is an engaged company in Interior Design, Architecture Design, and Contractor under PT. Jaya Cakra Rajawali, which are fully integrated.

We are specializing in designs for commercial space such as a store or exhibition booth, Private Residence and Construction Services which are created for client who appreciate the Perseverance, Innovation and Creativity. We have been working with many of client from Individual and Company, for creating brand image or even private Room which suitable as our client’s request.

LEVENDIG are experienced since 2007 in Interior Design, Architecture Design and Construction Services which make us the best in our job. We always give our best services for each client.  Satisfaction in design and the result always became our priority.

We are proud to be selected by our clients who are looking for a mind blowing design and construction.


We recognize our Human Resources is an asset. We provide opportunity and encouragement, to help Human Resources reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.


Our values, namely Quality, Honesty, and Hard Work. We have high ethical standards in our industry. We “Only do the right thing”. PT Jaya Cakra Rajawali is a business based on trust, which is consistently associated with a high standard of service, quality, and integrity to our clients.


We are proactive to find the best solution to translate the vision of our clients to achieve their goals.

When we talk about design, we are not just talking about style. We are talking about a process that involves identifying and understanding the problems, and then we are using our imagination and experience to jointly find solutions and implement them in a professional manner.

We listen to what the problem is and what is your ultimate objective.