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Resurrection of the Myths

Mythological elements when juxtaposed with traditional and modern ambience effortlessly produce something that is heartrending. Levendig Interior & Architecture has created a bedroom design that combines Modern Rococo style with mythological flair and Art Nouveau atmosphere. Reflected in The Angel’s Wing, installed behind the bed, and Dragon Artwork, decorated above the ceiling with rustic style made of copper the mixture between western and eastern mythology boldy symbolize goodness and power. These attributes are consistent with the ideology applied by Nathaniel Wijaya, principal designer of Levendig, “a shattered vessel of Jade is better than an unbroken piece of pottery; it is better to die than live in glory with dishonor,” inspired from an ancient poetry.

— iD Indonesia Design

Resurrection of the Myths @ ID Indonesia Design, one of imaginative

Bed Room Design from Levendig Interior Design

More Details – Portfolio – Master Bedroom Jakarta

by Nathaniel Wijaya

We tried to present our  design in the most difficult way, even in the most impossible way. This is one of the most difficult case that we’ve been dealing with. It takes 1 month for designing, but took 6 months to finish the product.

Elemen Mitologi di Kamar Tidur

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